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Featured Breed : L??wchen

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Life Span:~12 to 14 years
Litter Size: 3 to 6
Country of Origin: Germany

Size: The adult L??wchen stands between 12-13 inches at the withers. Breed standards vary slightly, but generally the height of the dog can vary 1 inch above or below this ideal. The overall proportions of the dog are more important that the height and weight of the dog. L??wchen should be a bit off-square, and they should be a touch longer than they are tall, with a ratio of 11 to 10. 0

Coat: The L??wchen has a dense coat that is long and moderately wavy with a soft texture. L??wchen can be found in all colors and combinations, and there is no preference for any one color or combination.

Character: An active, well-balanced, and strongly built breed, the L??wchen is a mixture of calm soul mate and playful spirit. They are charming, delightful, and make excellent companions. L??wchen possess a positive and outgoing attitude, and is a dog of regal bearing and style.

Appearance: The L??wchen is a small, compact but sturdy dog. The square body is well proportioned, and only slightly longer than it is tall, with short legs and a high-set medium length tail. The head is short and broad with a short and wide muzzle, round dark eyes, a dark nose, and pendulous feathered ears. The dense coat is soft and slightly wavy, and comes in many colors. These dogs are often called Little Lions because traditionally their coats are clipped close on the hindquarters and the lower half of the tail, the front legs are close-clipped and the mane is left long and natural.

History: We know that the L??wchen, which means ???little lion??? in German, dates back to the 15th century, but we don???t know where it came from. While many dog enthusiasts say they originated in Germany, others say they have a Mediterranean background. Popular lapdogs and companions for centuries, L??wchen have also appeared in many famous paintings through the ages.

Health Issues: Fortunately, the L??wchen is a pretty healthy little dog. Potential health problems include a knee condition called patellar luxation and eye problems such as cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy.

Temperament: The L??wchen is responsive to commands and generally willing to please, showing proper devotion to its family. Some dogs may dig or bark a lot. This affectionate, curious, and lively dog also combines qualities of a calm soul-mate and playful spirit, thus making it a nice companion for a calm family.

Care: Grooming of the L??wchen should consist of combing or brushing their coat ever other day. Professional clipping every other month should be done to maintain the traditional lion trim. L??wchen enjoy ample exercise such as a short walk or an active game of play. They do not use a lot of energy, however, and should be exercised daily so that they do not become obese.

Training: L??wchen are highly trainable. They are smart, desire to please the people they love, and catch on to tricks rather quickly. Training should always be conducted with positive reinforcement and lots of treats. L??wchens are sensitive dogs, and treating them harshly will cause them to withdraw.

Activity: This breed loves long walks, daily jogs, and hiking. They especially enjoy "off leash" time where they have the opportunity to run freely. They are suitable for apartment dwelling provided they are given sufficient exercise and ample play sessions. A securely fenced yard is nice but is not essential to the L??wchen.
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